blockquiry About

Our Purpose.

To foster a safer and more secure blockchain and internet economy.

Our mission: foster safe participation in the blockchain and broader internet economy through the collaborative efforts of good citizens, private sectors, and governments worldwide.


blockquiry was born from the entrepreneurial spirit and personal motivation of our founder, Ervin Zubic, and was established in St. Petersburg, Florida, in 2020. The inspiration behind blockquiry was Zubic's own encounter with crypto crime, which illuminated the magnitude of the problem and the lack of resources available. This realization propelled Zubic to pioneer change and create blockquiry.

We are deeply committed to developing tools that are not only useful but also genuinely needed by people. This commitment drives us to make a significant impact in the digital economy, aiming to enhance the safety and security of all its participants.


blockquiry bridges the gap between digital and real-world economies. We arm users with tools to spot and combat cybercrime, ensuring safer transactions and reducing fraud. By fostering collaboration between everyday users, businesses, and government agencies, we're building a safer digital economy for everyone. Think of blockquiry as the neighborhood watch of the digital world.


We leverage AI to detect fraud, facilitate real-time communication, and enable instant incident reporting. Our platform also offers a search engine to assess risk and track digital assets on the blockchain—all to keep you secure in the digital world.

Driving Principles


To truly protect users' data, we must never possess it.


To gain and maintain users' trust, we must never violate the first principle.


To continue to be of use we must prioritize utility above all else.

Who We Serve

At blockquiry, our primary focus is the individuals participating in the blockchain and internet economy. We believe in the power of community collaboration to enhance our threat intelligence initiatives, leading to improved security for all users. While many companies cater primarily to enterprises and government institutions, we set ourselves apart by prioritizing the individual consumer. This dedication to personal users underlines our commitment to providing access to commercial fraud detection tools, empowering them to identify, prevent and discourage fraudulent activities in an increasingly digital economy.

Contribute to Threat Intelligence Initiatives

Your contribution is key to improving the security of the blockchain and the internet. Whether it's attributing addresses, domain names, or other forms of data, every bit helps.