A Message to the Victims of Cybercrime

March 14th, 2023

The Harsh Reality of Cybercrime: The Impact on Real People

We understand your reluctance to report your experience with cybercrime. At blockquiry, some of us have been in your shoes, and we urge you to consider anonymously adding your incident to our database.

The under-reporting of cyber incidents is a significant issue, affecting not only you but also individuals and organizations worldwide. Despite the rising number of cyber incidents, only a tiny fraction is reported, making it difficult to get an accurate picture of the actual rate and cost of cybercrime incidents.

Without this crucial data, it has been challenging for us to draw the attention of policymakers and law enforcement agencies to step up their efforts to combat cybercrime against individuals. Most of their current efforts focus on critical infrastructure, institutions, and large organizations.

By understanding the types of cybercrimes that are prevalent and the most vulnerable individuals, we can lean on policymakers to step up their efforts to protect the most at-risk populations. Local and state-level law enforcement agencies can also use prevalence and impact data to allocate resources and investigate cybercrime cases more effectively.

We have recently increased our efforts to use social media text analytics to detect and analyze cybercrime patterns using machine learning. Thanks to the reports of victims like you, we have been able to identify additional potential victims and get closer to determining the true impact of cybercrime-related incidents.

With a better understanding of cybercrime prevalence and impact, we can work together to combat cybercrime and protect our communities. Please consider adding your incident to our database to help us build a more accurate picture of the true scale of cybercrime.

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